Why A Consultant?
Let's Put The Pieces -
We hear that we should not put all our eggs in one basket. The typical
technology director wishes that things were that simple. They have to  
constantly juggle their eggs, trying to keep them all in the air without dropping
one. A consultant, being focused on one thing, can safely keep all the eggs in
one basket. But they watch that basket very carefully.

An E-rate consultant understands that you probably know what is eligible and
not eligible for funding. So there may not be significant new dollars to come
your way, but.... Certainly, by failing to meet deadlines or by simply checking
the wrong box or by signing that contract one day too early, you can have
significant funding denied.

A consultant is intimately conversant with the rules and procedures of the
E-rate process. They combine detailed knowledge, consistent application of
that knowledge, and continuity of action to serve you. A consultant can apply
these carefully learned behaviors over the entire year. Unlike with most school
district people, for whom it is a start and stop, hurry up and wait, proposition.

If you need help, email or call now. You will receive the personalized service
you deserve and need.

Pricing is very fair and competitive. It can be done for either a fixed fee or a
percentage of dollars awarded.
My fee averages about 1/3 less than most other
consulting groups. You will receive personalized, comprehensive service at a
rate significantly less than standard.
email: todd.williams@ed-techconsulting.com

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