Let's Put The Pieces - Together

You have too many hats to wear. You are pulled in too many different
directions. You have too many deadlines to meet. Puzzled by changing
guidelines? It is time to use the services of a consultant who knows your job
and can help you solve problems.

Comprehensive Support For:
Technology Plans
RFP Development
Look to Ed-Tech Consulting for comprehensive, complete E-rate services. The
E-rate program is responsible for dramatic penetration of high speed
communications and Internet access into schools and libraries across the
United States. This does not come without a considerable commitment to file
timely, accurate forms according to complex, changing rules. Ed-Tech
Consulting has the experience to put all these pieces together.
Technology Plans
The first step and foundation of the E-rate process is your technology plan.
There are five critical components that each plan must contain to be
approved. In Georgia, your technology plan is now embedded in the
Comprehensive LEA Improvement Plan (CLIP). Ed-Tech Consulting has the
experience to manage the process of writing your plan or revising your plan for
new E-rate and Title II-D funding opportunities.
Ed-Tech Consulting
RFP Development
Ed-Tech Consulting can write an RFP for your E-rate or other purchasing
needs. Statistics from USAC reveal that purchasing, evaluation, and
contracting is the leading cause for funding denial. Ed-Tech Consulting has
the experience to guide you through this exacting process to successfully
acquire the products and services you need.
email: todd.williams@ed-techconsulting.com
Let's Put The Pieces -

Tech Plans

Hopefully, you got your E-rate forms submitted and certified on time. You are
getting the contracts signed and waiting to hear from SLD to see if all that work
will result in approved funding. Oh wait! They want more documentation. That
Item 21 Attachment is not descriptive enough. But I thought that service
qualified for funding? I did not realize you had to file that form before this
form. The auditors are coming!

Need help?! I can help for less. Much less. Give me a call - send me an email.
Let us work together. You will find that my fees are often 1/3 than many others.